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Taking care of your ball python

It is important that you learn how to properly care for your new ball python, which is why we compiled a list of MUST READ articles, as well as links to other cool ball python related stuff.

Ball python care sheets are a dime a dozen and, it is for this reason then, that the A & M Ball Pythons Team have decided not to add to the already extensive list, but to provide you with links to the most informative, existing care sheets out there.  Other than the books we purchased, these are the links that we used to learn more about these amazing animals.  We also have a few articles on genetics, which, at first, can seem intimidating, but even this tricky subject can be simplified when you have the right information at hand.

Should you, after all of this, still require specific information regarding your ball python and its care, please feel free to click the little envelope icon at the bottom of the page.  It is our aim to help where we can and to ultimately expand the ball python community, not only in Cape Town, but in South Africa too.  So, if you need assistance or if you have a question, fire up that contact form and let's hear from you.

CaresheetsBall Python Care Sheets:

Reptile Channel - Care sheet for the ball python
- written by Kevin McCurley (N.E.R.D.)

Herp Care Collection - Ball Python
- written by Melissa Kaplan

Ball Python Care Sheet
- written by Ball-Pythons.net

Ball Python GeneticsBasic Ball Python Genetics:

Markus Jayne - Genetics
- written by Mark Mandic

The Big Morph List
- written by World of Ball Pythons

Layman’s Crash Course in Ball Python Genetics
- written by Ball-Pythons.net

This Youtube playlist contains:
  • Basic Ball Python Set-Up (part 1)
  • Basic Ball Python Set-Up (part 2)
  • JKR Pro Tips - Substrate
  • JKR Pro Tips - Water Bowls
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Caging
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Breeding 1
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Breeding 2
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Breeding 3
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Breeding 4
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Breeding 5
  • JKR Pro Tips - Palpating for Follicles
  • JKR Pro Tips - Ball Python Egg Box
  • JKR Pro Tips - Candling Eggs for Fertility
  • NERD - Smell Your Eggs!
  • JKR Pro Tips - Setting Up Ball Python Eggs 1
  • JKR Pro Tips - Setting Up Ball Python Eggs 2
  • JKR Pro Tips - Setting Up Ball Python Eggs 3
  • JKR Pro Tips - Fixing a Twisted Umbilicus
  • JKR Pro Tips - Setting Up Hatchlings
  • JKR Pro Tips - Aggressive Hatchlings
  • JKR Pro Tips - Sexing Your Ball Python
...and a few other ball python videos.  ENJOY!
Feeder rats
Important Notice
Important Notice:
A & M Ball Pythons does not endorse the feeding of live prey.  This practice is illegal and inhumane.

All our snakes are raised on frozen and thawed food items.  Your ball python is an investment.  Please don't risk its safety for a cheap thrill or just to hear a rat squeak.

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A & M Ball Pythons are ball python breeders in Cape Town, South Africa.  To contact us, just complete the form on our contact page or simply click the envelope to the right.

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